About Us

CoCollabAI is revolutionizing the Australian business landscape, offering tailor-made enterprise AI solutions to drive operational and financial success.

We are an authorised partner of BlueCallom in Australia.

At the heart of BlueCallom's innovation lies the strategic vision that AI Prompts are the essential mind-machine connectors, empowering businesses and individuals alike to harness the full potential of AI.

Founded on the principles of ingenuity and efficiency, BlueCallom has been recognised for its groundbreaking contributions to the AI industry. In 2024, they were honoured with a nomination for the German Innovation Award, and  CEO Axel Schultze was distinguished as the "Most Influential CEO 2024 Switzerland in Generative AI business solutions".

Their flagship product, GPTBlue, is the culmination of their expertise, designed to serve professional Prompt Developers who seek to craft, test, and deliver high-performance prompts that drive business productivity across all industries.

GPTBlue originated as an internal tool to support BlueCallom DISRUPT, their advanced neuro-innovation management software tailored for enterprise needs.

Today, it stands as a comprehensive solution for anyone aspiring to excel in professional generative AI prompt development. Its Neuro-AI-Fusion approach and zero-subscription model democratize AI for all.

At CoCollabAI and BlueCallom, we are committed to making a difference by operating at the intersection of Generative AI and Human Intelligence Augmentation. We integrate advances in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and quantum physics to offer the most advanced generative AI development and deployment platform.

Our mission is to augment human intelligence, enabling teams to focus on creativity and innovation. At the same time, AI takes care of administrative tasks, providing executives with the data they need for informed decision-making.

About Walter Adamson

I am the founder and Principal Consultant of CoCollabAI.

"AI won’t replace people, but people who use AI will replace those who do not." The same applies to businesses.

Generational AI gave me an unparalleled opportunity to change course from previous work to now bring indisputable benefits to owners wishing to embed AI into the future of their business.

2022 was the year of OpenAI and ChatGPT. 2023 was marked by a wave of new, powerful, Large Language Models, e.g. Google Gemini Ultra.

2024 will witness the transformation of prompting from a cottage industry reliant on cut and paste to enterprise-level management of prompt engineering and intellectual property.

⭑ I've developed and applied ~100 domain-specific AI solutions, each painstakingly tailored, trained, and tested. This is how I know the cottage industry approach is over and why BlueCallom's platform is leading the 2024 transformation to enterprise-grade prompt engineering creation, management, deployment, protection, and monetisation.

⭑ About ⭑ I have a diverse background in corporate roles and consulting for B2B industrial and tech companies. My expertise lies in IT, industrial automation, OT, data analytics, IoT, IIoT, and infrastructure for smart mines, rail, ports, and power. I have held positions such as CIO, VP of International Business Development, VP of Systems Integration (with 5 years overseeing Marketing & Sales), and 3 years in Internal Audit at BHP. Additionally, I served as the CIO for Asia-Pacific Minerals at BHP and have extensive experience advising C-level executives and Government Boards.

More recently, I have guided owners on exit paths to achieve peak exit value for their life's effort (gen AI uniquely helps here).

⭑ Life ⭑ I've survived being hit by lightning in Korea, crash landing in a 747 (LAX), sucked into a thundercloud at 4,000m in a sailplane (Australia), jumping freefall from 3,000m on my 1st ever parachute jump (Florida), and three lethal cancers. Recently (Jan 2024), I joined the local athletics club and made the podium in the State Championships - 2nd in 800m, 3000m, 5000m and gold in the 10 km track and the shot put - won $150 in the State VMA Gift 5,000m placing 2nd, and achieved a local venue (Mentone) record time for the 2.5 km.

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Our Vision

CoCollabAI: Fostering Collaboration for Innovative AI Solutions

CoCollabAI was not born out of mere coincidence but rather out of a deep-rooted belief in the power of cooperation and collaboration.

The name itself, a fusion of "Co" representing togetherness and unity, "Collab" symbolizing teamwork and partnership, and "AI" denoting artificial intelligence, encapsulates the very essence of its mission.

In a world where silos and barriers often hinder progress, CoCollabAI stands as a beacon of cooperation across diverse groups, departments, enterprises, and their customers. It serves as a platform where minds converge, ideas flourish, and innovation thrives through the seamless integration of AI technologies.

The GPTBlue solution, meticulously crafted by a team of experts, is the cornerstone of CoCollabAI's success.

Tailored to facilitate collaboration in the development of AI-based intellectual property, this cutting-edge tool empowers teams to tackle complex business problems with finesse and creativity.

By leveraging the capabilities of GPTBlue, users can unlock new possibilities, explore uncharted territories, and pioneer groundbreaking solutions that drive tangible value for their organizations.

At its core, CoCollabAI is more than just a platform—it is a movement towards a future where collaboration reigns supreme, where boundaries blur, and where innovation knows no limits.

Together, with CoCollabAI and the GPTBlue solution leading the way, we embark on a journey of collective intelligence, boundless creativity, and transformative change.